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1960 Standard (private)
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Serial number 0 3251
Year built 2003
Location England
Added 2006-06-25

Imported privately from the States, after hearing from a excited US dealer friend of mine about a certain Custom Shop 2003 Les Paul standard which had an amazing acoustical sustain qualities and a very interesting yet subtle flame finish.

I have played many Les Paul´s in my 45 year career, but on opening the case for the first time, old Humph was certainly everything he described, and more so. He is like nothing I have ever played before, or since for that matter.
A very unique guitar in fact..

He weighs in at 9lb on the nose with a slim neck compared to some of the baseball bat necks on other Historics I have tried, but certainly not thin by today´s standards. It still retains the 50´s shoulders, but is shaved flatter at the back, unlike regular Standards and Classics, which are an ellipse.
Extremely fast and comfortable in fact, with an acoustically loud, even balanced open woody tone.

Humph is completely stock.. He didn´t need any mods, other than strap lock buttons.

Notice that in the last and most current pic, a couple of years gigging has dulled the nickel parts and also the red in the burst has turned more of a brown/ red iced tea finish and is starting to gently fade

He is gigged on a regular basis, and cranked up through an old JCM800, or a 59 Bassman, you have to actually physically stop him sustaining. Pavarotti on steroids springs to mind.

Oh!... And why the daft name?
Well.. When he first arrived in the UK he was set up for me by guitar tech wizard Robbie Gladwell, who commented that he had a 12th fret hump just like some originals..
This was all sorted out before I received him. Hence, with such a warm friendly glow when you open the case, and no 12th fret hump.. What else.. Happy Hump-free.
Ok..Ok.. I know.. A terrible pun..
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