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1959 Standard
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Serial number 931490
Year built 2003
Location Los Angeles, CA
Nickname  Audrey
Added 2006-07-01

I acquired this guitar from Eric Johnson, who was also kind enough to sign the control cavity cover. This guitar is a tonal monster and I was told that Eric purchased it from Garrett Park and went through over 20 guitars before choosing this one. He consingned it to the shop where I purchased it , so that he could purchase what I was told was an extremely clean, original 50-watt Marshall Bluesbreaker amp.

Since acquiring it, the pickups were changed to double-creme Jake Jones PAFs, bridge to TonePros AVR-II, and Pigtail bushings, studs and lightweight aluminum tailpiece, CTS audio taper 500K pots and original Bumblebee caps.

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Name Bill Walker

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