The HLPDB Gear Page

The HLDB Gear Page

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Welcome, gear heads!

The HLPDB Gear Page is your place to browse and show off musical gear. Create your own account to access special features and to upload your gear. If you upload a Gibson Historic Les Paul to the HLPDB main page it is automatically added here, too!

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The HLPDB Gear Page was launched in 2007, a year after the cool Gibson Custom Shop Historic Les Paul Database. HLPDB user accounts are the same as on this page, you do not need to register twice. Feel free to post any kind of gear - as long as it is music related. If you want to sell gear, put "for sale" in the "notes" field. If you are looking for gear, search for "for sale". The HLPDB Gear Page also serves as an online catalog for auction scam prevention and theft recovery. Thank you for visiting, enjoy the stuff and spread the word!

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