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Welcome, guitar geeks and Les Paul lovers!

Since 2006 the HLPDB is your place on the web for Historic Les Pauls made by Gibson Custom! Have fun browsing these beautiful guitars or create your own account to access special features and to upload your guitars. For all other gear (including Gibson USA models) please visit our HLPDB Gear Page.

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We would like this site to be the best online gallery for Historic Les Pauls made by the Gibson Custom Shop. Other Gibson guitars or Les Paul copies from other manufacturers are not featured. Our HLPDB Gear Page is open for all music related gear. If you want to sell a guitar, put "for sale" in the "notes" field. If you are looking for a guitar, search for "for sale". The HLPDB also serves as a serial# and image catalog for auction scam prevention and theft recovery. Thank you for visiting, enjoy the guitars and spread the word!

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